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Drafting Your Feature Articleur Information

Now that the students have written their organization chart, they are ready to draft their first copy.  Demonstrate how to take the information from the chart you made in the organizing lesson and write it out on loose-leaf paper.   Explain how to put the items in the order you want. "Obviously my lead will come first.  My angle should go somewhere in the beginning so my readers will know exactly what the focus of my article is.  Then, I can mix in my facts with the opinions. I also have descriptions of several of the floats and quotes from people who have seen them.  I will end with the phone number people can call to make reservations at Disney World.  Once I've done this I can start my actual draft.  I decided during the lesson on parts of a feature article that I would bullet some of my information like the Bully article we read.  I will also take the pictures I found and place them at the bottom of the article just like the article we read on basketball.   This will make my feature article stand out more.  I have a lot of options.  I need to experiment with different layouts and choose the one I like the best."  Model this with your topic.

    Students go back to their seats, look at their T-charts and number the items in the order they want them to appear in their articles.  Then, they start writing their drafts on loose-leaf paper by putting it all together in paragraph form. 
As you walk around the room, look around and make sure students know that the lead comes first and the angle needs to be stated somewhere in the beginning.  Make suggestions as to how their articles can stand out more.  Take note as to those students who are still easily distracted.

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